Clarification on CLI on Windows prerequisites

So in the process of building my toolchain installer (shameless plug :wink:), I thought I’d build a separate CLI installer to make that process as easy as possible for new people. However, I’m a little unclear as to the prerequisites for the CLI. According to the docs, all that is needed is NodeJS (which I just tried on Win7, and it seems like the CLI installed fine). However, I know that there have been issues with installation in the past, and the support page lists Python and MSBuildTools as prerequisites as well. Could someone clarify for me? Thanks!

Ping @nexxy and/or @kennethlimcp

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See: Tutorial: Particle-cli on Windows [07 Jun 2015]

The pain comes from node-serialport package that varies way too much on Windows so it’s hard to tell whether the prerequisite is needed for a general installer.

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Well isn’t that just a pain in the rear… Well, I can always check the exit code of a npm install -g serialport and see what happens. Thanks!