Circuit Python on Argon?

Adafruit has a blog post about they are starting to carry the Particle Mesh line next week.

They also said they have a beta version of Circuit Python running already on the Argon.

For those who have used Circuit Python before what kind of new features of functionality does this open up for the Argon in the future once they have Circuit Python fully functional?

While you’re welcome to install this on your device, do note that this is not supported. It replaces the bootloader, system firmware, and user firmware. Once installed you’ll lose all Particle functionality, including cloud support. At this time, you’ll also lose Wi-Fi, mesh, and cellular support, as well.

You’ll also need the Particle Debugger or other SWD/JTAG programmer to restore Particle functionality, and it may be difficult to do so.


Basically, you will have access to any peripheral with the flexibility and power that Python provides.
I just tested a Bluetooth example in a Xenon board and was blown away by how fast I made it work. A quick overview of its capabilities lead me to believe that Circuit Python is several levels beyond Arduino as a tool for fast prototyping. I also see it as the dream project for anyone wanting to be introduced to the world of electronics, programming, tech art, etc. Here is the tutorial I followed If you want to explore what I just did: .

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