Chrome Web Browser BLE Examples


@rickkas7 and everybody else.

I found some more BLE Chrome Web Browser examples that look pretty cool.


The BLE range on the Boron with the External antenna enabled and attached is pretty good from the inside to outside and really good line of site outside from my quick testing.


When you say pretty good inside and really good outside LOS, can you estimate the distance for us?


100 Feet when the Boron was sitting on my kitchen table and I was outside a brick house on a iPad Pro 11 with the Adafruit Bluefruit app in UART mode reading 1 second data burst from the Boron.

Outside line of site I got at least 350 feet line of sight down a road with the Boron Wifi antenna hanging about 4-5 feet above the ground. There was 2 cars on the road that could have affected range so in a open field with less Wifi and BT interference from 10 neighbors houses on both sides of the street I bet you could few extra hundred feed or even more.

Not sure what kind of distance two Gen 3 Devices can get when communicating with each other using external antennas.

I’m liking the fact that you don’t have to pair the Gen 3 Devices with phones, iPads, and laptops, which makes it alot more flexible than the whole Mesh paring setup process.

The Adafruit Bluefruit app can give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to interfacing with the Gen3 devices without needing to create your own iOS or Android application which is nice.

And then there is the Chrome Browser BLE webpage communication that does not require any special pairing for the Gen3 device to communicate with the webpage and that has tons of flexibility for making custom webpage based user interfaces.

It was worth the wait in my opinion!

You hear that @zach The BLE was worth the wait!!! :partying_face:

It will be interesting to see what people end up doing with this!


@rickkas7 I tried your BLE IMU example on the Chrome Web browser - no joy with Mac Chrome but worked a treat with Windows 10 Chrome. One thing I noticed was that the chrome webGL board does not respond to yaw or tilt (whatever the z axis is called). I checked the values and they are being transmitted to Chrome - I assume there is a fault in the 3D matrix maths?