CHG pin odd behavior

I’m using the CHG pin to monitor the battery state, and give a notification sound when my setup is on the wireless charger. Everything works fine, my charge LED comes on and the battery seems to charge as well. For some reason, when my battery gets below 40-50% (based solely on time, not actual monitored voltage) my system stops sending the signal for the notification sound. If I let I charge for an hour or so, it starts notifying me again, and will continue to every time I put it on the charger unless it drops below a certain level.

I can’t copy and paste from the web ide on my phone, but here’s a screenshot from it.

That sounds like the charger is switching off (going into standby) for some reason.

You can check that with a handwound coil of copper wire and an LED (with current limiting resistor) put on the wireless charger while also powering the device.

BTW, you can always use SHARE THIS REVISION when you cannot copy the code.

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I’ll remember that for next time. I’ll try to check the charger tonight, but it seems like the charger is working fine, I only get the notification sound at the initial point I put it on charge, not the whole time it’s on it. It appears to be charging since after an hour or two it seems to be completely charged, charging LED goes out and the system stays powered on for another ~24 hours. Its only after it discharges for awhile that putting it back on the charger doesn’t initiate the notification.

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