Can't measure current on electron

Hello everybody,

I am trying to connect my multimeter to the electron to measure the current consumption. When I do it, the electron keeps flashing washing and then goes to blinking blue. I’m inputting the voltage via the VBAT pin and GND. If i connect the battery to the plug then the particle works.

any thoughts on what is going on?


ok, figure out that i shouldnt have done Vbat as an in. I managed to input on the socket directly. however, it stays on blinking green. If i connect the battery directly then the process takes about 30 seconds and then im connected.

any thoughts on this new step?

What multimeter are you using?
What’s the voltage drop across or internal impedance of your multimeter?
How does it impact the ability of the battery to deliver current quickly when the demand spikes?

DMMs are not really suitable for measuring currents with quick steep spikes like you’ll see on the Electron during cell communication.
You should rather go for an oszilloscope.

BTW: You were lucky not to have fried your Electron by putting possibly 4V+ into 3v3 (which is bridged to VBAT on the electrons!)

hey ScruffR, yes. went for an oscilloscope in the end. and i was indeed extremely lucky. just took me a while ot get the probes.

Thanks for the reply.

You need to have the included Li-Po battery attached in order to connect to the cellular network. The GSM module on the Electron requires lots of current during Tx events, and the battery acts as the primary source of that current.