Can't locate the Do Button mentioned in the Maker Kit Tutorial

I’m having a hard time following the tutorial for the Servo Gong as far as downloading the mentioned IFTTT Do Button. I have an IFTTT account and I’m searching for it but without luck. Can anyone offer any insight? I don’t have much experience with the IFTTT app on the iPhone so perhaps I just don’t know my way around well enough. Thank you.

@sswzone, can you point us to the tutorial?

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I actually just tested this today.

The IFTTT “Do button” is only in the mobile app, if you ar doing it from the PC, it’s just called “button widget”. They both function the same.

@kennethlimcp, the tutorial @sswzone is talking about is located here:


Okay, I saw “button widget” as I was digging around in the app and on my PC. But I was unable to locate the Do Button on the iOS app. I did a search on Do Button and got a lot of hits but none of them looked like the one mentioned. Thank you for your response.

You’re welcome!
I just checked my recipes on the app… and they recently changed from “Do button” to just “Button Widget”; looks just like it does on the web version. When you add the widget/button to your screen, it’s just called IFTTT. Mine used to be called Do Button widget.

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Good news! It is working. Seems some of the terminology has changed since the tutorial was written, as you also mentioned, but other than that it worked as described. Thanks again.

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That’s great, glad I could help! :slight_smile:

The URL in question is at
And it is now October 2018, and it still doesn’t work.

@NKT, it works for me!

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