Can't call one particular function from Particle Web Interface

I have several functions on my Photon which I can call from the Particle Web Interface without problems. One seems to be refused and I don’t know why. I have declared it:

int DumpArray(String tcommand);
int RWline = D7;

then in setup() I have

	Particle.function("Dump EEPROM 3param", DumpArray);      
	pinMode(RWline, OUTPUT);    

which appears on the Web Interface.

in the main code I have

int DumpArray(String tcommand)  {
    // function to dump contents of 24LC1025 via USB. Max value of tcommand is 127.
    for (int d = 0; d < 5; d++) { 
        digitalWrite(RWline, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(RWline, LOW);
    return 33;

The function has been reduced to only flashing the LED until I can actually call it. I am at a loss. I have several other calls to functions from the Web Interface which respond with a result, but this one won’t. The Web Interface just sits there waiting for a response but none comes. My code is quite short and I’m positive the Photon isn’t too busy doing other things - it is just looping waiting for the next request from the Web Interface.

You should not have blanks in the function name


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