Can update Electron firmware OTA from Workbench?

I just installed and set up the Particle Workbench ( I signed in, and I’m trying to flash my code to send OTA firmware updates to my electron. But whenever I flash my code, my terminal says this

Any ideas? Can I flash my programs OTA using the Workbench, or does that only work using the Web IDE?

@spe, the flash command in Workbench only flashes via USB, not OTA. For OTA, you can do a Cloud Flash command. You can also launch the Particle CLI and use it to flash the .bin file you compiled to the device. The file can be found somewhere under the target directory. You would need to specify the path in your particle flash command

Thanks. How exactly can I do a Cloud Flash command? Also, I have the CLI open now - but what should I type in to flash the .bin file? And how can I find my target directory?

Thanks in advance.

@spe, in Workbench, hit the SHIFT + CTRL + P keys and type Particle. You will get a list of Particle commands so look for the Particle: Cloud Flash command and select it.

For the CLI, you will notice on the LHS side of the Workbench screen, just above the file, there is the target directory. Expand it until you find the project .bin file. Assuming you open the Particle CLI from the Workbench command menu, you would type something like particle flash deviceid .\target\..path..\project.bin.

Thanks @peekay123. That all seems to work.

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