Can the USB device's descriptor be changed

I would like my device don’t be recognised as “Photon” when I connect it to a computer but as the name of the device.

I have seen that this is determined in this file of the firmware, but I have no idea is there is a method to modify it. Could be possible?

Also I would like to “write” on every device its own product serial number to display it when the device is connected to the computer. What would it be the best method for this?

The only method I could think of is to create a direction on EEprom and write the serial number as a step of the production, but I think there should be a better method for this.
¿Any idea?

You can build the whole system with a local toolchain. Then you can alter whatever you want :wink:
But for the default system this isn’t a feature anywhere on the short list of features to come.

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And, about the second doubt, another thing I thinked, is that I could write the device code (SSID_suffix) after flashing the photon.

Could the app running on the photon access to that SSID_suffix name?

That is possible - not surprisingly a search for ssid suffix would have revealed this thread

But there is no System.get() for that. You’d need to directly tap into the DCT memory to get that out.

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