I connected 16x4 LCD to my Particle Photon but nothing is shown except the blue light. can someone kindly help?

Display Type: STN-LCD Blue
IC or Equivalent AIP31066 , HD44780, KS0066 , SPLC780 , ST7066

I used the example of LiquidCrystal Library - Hello Sparky
My Hardware connection;
The circuit:

  • LCD RS pin to digital pin D0
  • LCD EN pin to digital pin D1
  • LCD D4 pin to digital pin D2
  • LCD D5 pin to digital pin D3
  • LCD D6 pin to digital pin D4
  • LCD D7 pin to digital pin D5
  • 10K resistor:
  • ends to +5V and ground
  • wiper to LCD VO pin (pin 3)
  • connect R/W (pin 5) to ground

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Have you confirmed that the screen is functional? This could be an issue with the screen itself.

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Thanks Collen, I tied VO to ground and all worked well. I realised my 10k pot was not correctly adjusting the character brilliance.

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Glad it’s working now!

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