CAN 5V and CAN not working anymore

I have a Tracker One which worked fine before but now the CAN and CAN 5V is not working anymore.
Can the CAN transceiver and 5V supply be damaged if the 5V output has accidentally been shorted to ground for a second?
I’m sure the CAN_PWR pin is pulled high.
I tried to order a new Tracker SoM LTE CAT1/3G/2G (Europe) but it’s not available at the moment.
When will they be available again?

The CAN5V output should not be damaged by a short. It’s connected to a TI TPS25221 continuous current limited switch which specifically is designed to disconnect the power when shorted (within 1.5 µs) and auto-reset. It’s relatively protected from ESD (15-kV ESD, IEC 61000-4-2) but if you did manage to damage it, it would prevent the CAN_5V output on the M8 from working. You can tell if this happened if GPIO still work, because GPIO is enabled from the other side of the current limit switch.