Camera with Argon?

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Have anyone tried to build a surveillance wifi camera using Argon and a USB/TTL camera with streaming video online?

How to integrate a camera with Argon and what are the best cameras available for Particle devices?

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Streaming video will not be viable with an Argon.
You may be able to send one 640x400 JPEG every 10-20 seconds via TCP but no streaming video.


What ScruffR said. Also you cannot connect a camera by USB.

The USB port on the Argon is a USB device (like a camera, keyboard, mouse, etc.) not a USB host (like a computer). It’s also not USB OTG where it’s sort of both (like some Android phones).

You can’t connect another USB device (like a camera, USB flash drive, etc.) to the Argon.


eps32-cam modules can do it, or a raspberry pi zero as the cheapest Pi. You could pair that up with an Argon, though depending on what you wanted to achieve, I’m not sure of the benefit.

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Thanks, @rickkas7 for your reply. Actually, there are modules that convert USB to Tx/Rx, such as this. Do you think it will work?

That link works, but in the opposite direction only. Those FT232 or PL2302 adapters are used to connect the Particle Device TX and RX pins to a computer. They work like the USB serial port Serial but connected via the hardware UART Serial1 (or other UART, if available). You can never connect a USB to serial adapter (intended for a computer) to a Particle micro USB connector.

In order to add more hardware UARTs to a Particle device, you need an I2C or SPI UART like the SC16IS740.