C++ A class constructor (solved)


Trying something new, so naturally, I am confused.

I have a “screen” class:

class Screen
	virtual void Switch() ;
	virtual  int Loop(unsigned long ms)=0;

The idea is to have a variable pointing to an object of this class so I can switch from one object to another by changing this variable.

So one of the “screens” is the “TemperatureScreen”

class TempScreen: public Screen
	int TempCol = 0 ;
	unsigned long nextMeatTime = 0 ;
	unsigned long nextChamberTime = 0 ;
	unsigned int BkColor ;
	void ShowTemp( int Pin, int y);

	TempScreen() ;
	virtual void Switch() ;
	virtual  int Loop(unsigned long ms);

You see this is a screen with some members, including the required Switch and Loop.

So the constructor in .cpp file is simple:

	BkColor = tftBLUEVIOLET ;

But the compiler always complains that TempScreen::TempScreen does not name a type. As far as I can tell, it isn’t supposed to, but you just can’t win an argument with a compiler.


Compiler doesn’t seem to understand that the cpp file contains the methods mentioned in the .h file. I got rid of the constructor, but the methods fail.

Maybe my .h files need to be .hpp files?


Forgot to include the .h file in the .cpp file


Thank you for putting your solution!