Built-in / background power saving features

Hi All, I was just wondering if someone could provide insight into what the Boron is doing in the background to ‘shift gears’ as the battery is drained to consume less energy.

My program has no power-saving/sleep features implemented, so the Boron is doing the same work through both the purple and orange squares, but something clearly changes in the background to begin conserving battery? And pretty impressive really, considering the angle of the purple trend from 80%->20%.

I suspect that’s the standard discharge curve of the battery.
The batteries typically fall quickly from full charge of 4.2V to around 3.7V where they stay for a good while before quickly falling again to nothing.

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That was my initial thought as well, but then it seemed unlikely that the last 20% would last 3x longer than the first 60%. I never actually let it run dead, so maybe I’ll try one more time from 100% just to get the data for this specific battery https://www.adafruit.com/product/354 for properly setting the low battery shutdown limit in my application.

@chipmc, would you have expected the same curve?

I plotted this data by running PMIC.getSoC() every 60s, and then re-scale it.

 battPct = (fuel.getSoC() * 100) / 82;

@epbwhiz, to my knowledge, there are no “background” power savings features. All power savings capabilities are made available to the user to implement as required in their specific application.

Ok, thank you. I’ll just benchmark it and try to pick a low limit that balances runtime vs damaging the battery. Cheers

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