Building firmware for photon

Hi all,

When I am in the top level firmware directory: “make PLATFORM=photon” makes everything it is supposed to including the bootloader

when I try the following from the same place:

make PLATFORM=photon -s program-dfu

I get:

make: *** No rule to make target `program-dfu’. Stop.

program-dfu is clearly in

program-dfu: $(TARGET_BASE).dfu

Any ideas what is missing?

Thank you.

You need to be in main or modules folder for dfu programming via make

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Thanks @kennethlimcp. That took me a step further.

Now I get the following:

make PLATFORM=photon -s program-dfu
/home/kourosh/temp/spark-photon/firmware/modules/photon/system-part1/makefile /home/kourosh/temp/spark-photon/firmware/modules/photon/system-part2/makefile /home/kourosh/temp/spark-photon/firmware/modules/photon/user-part/makefile
make[1]: *** No rule to make target ../../../build/target/communication/platform-6-m-prod-6/libcommunication.a', needed by…/…/…/build/target/system-part1/platform-6-m/system-part1.elf’. Stop.
make: *** [/home/kourosh/temp/spark-photon/firmware/modules/photon/system-part1/makefile] Error 2

As you can see it tries to backtrack too many directories which explains why it does not find libcommunication.a, which I can’t figure out why. The only place I found that construct was in …/build/target/user-part/platform-6-m/

And the only place where I could see a mention of this .map file was in: ./shared/stm32f2xx/

Is there anything else I should do to get it to build OK before flashing?


The command should be make all PLATFORM=photon program-dfu?

This might be useful:

Thanks a lot @kennethlimcp. That seems to have fixed it, brilliant!