Bug Bounty: Electron not booting after battery discharges completely


I might have missed it, but going to 0.8.0-rc.x from an “unknown” other version might also require you to flash the bootloader via YMODEM (aka particle flash --serial) - have you done that?


You can go directly to the latest version with electron since the bootloader is built into the system firmware. Photon/P1 you should update to 0.7.0 first, then go to the latest 0.8.0-rc.x.


I have the dim D7 problem as described in my post of Sep. 3. Can you briefly describe the fix with the JTAG programmer that you mention? Or give a link to a description of the fix?


It has been long since I last visited. We deployed 10 Electron 3Gs in field in November last year and wrote some application level checks to ensure we never get to the low battery blue LED problem (A similar approach to @rickkas7 but checking every N hours linearly where N=1, 2, 3…).
We have not had any problems so far. We are now going to deploy 45 more and I would like to know if there have been any advances since I was last here. Has the bounty been collected? Is the issue still manifesting itself in new firmware?


Nothing has changed and your battery level check code is still required to prevent any potential damage to the Electrons.

The bounty has not been collected due to this being a hard to replicate issue.