BRN404s (Ethersim) active outage? BRN402s seem OK

Is it just me or is there an active outage for BRN404s (Ethersim). I have a mix of Ethersim (BRN404s) as well as non-ethersim (BRN402s) currently deployed. It seems all BRN404s (ethersim) went offline at roughly 8:00 PM Central Time on 2/24. Per all systems operational but not sure what else it could be. Anyone else experiencing the same?

I’ll be submitting a Particle Ticket as well but thought I’d post here as well to see.

Hi @jgskarda - we’re seeing this on our end, with varying effects across the fleet. We’ll be posting via the Status Page.

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@marekparticle - Alright. Thank you for the prompt attention! I’ll stay tuned to the status page for updates!


Just wanted to call out the prompt response by the Particle Team for this one. Outages are never good however it’s how you handle it that maintains my confidence in the Particle platform. You may have already been all over it before I submitted the ticket/made the post here but immediately (like 1-2 minutes) after submitting this community forum post as well as the Particle Support ticket the was updated with information. A few minutes later you emailed back on the support ticket with further information/confirmation. Throughout the investigation the was updated often as well as emails directly responding to my ticket at least hourly if not more frequent. Overall, although outages like this are never good, the way the Particle Team responded and communicated was outstanding! Thank you! All my devices were back up and operational in just a few hours. I appreciate all that you do!


Thanks @jgskarda!!!

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