Boron / Xenon / Argon Carrier for Outdoor Applications


With KiCad, I have to hunt for and download 3D parts though they do include a fair number for standard packages.



Exporting from EAGLE to Fusion 360 was very easy. Problem is that most of the parts don’t have 3D models. Will see how big a lift this will be. I have never used a 3D modelling app before but it is on my “Geek bucket list”.




I often find parts or packages here:



It looks like EAGLE provides all the standard 3D footprints, I just need to add them to my components. That leaves the hard part. For example, does Particle provide 3D models of their devices such as the Boron?

I am going to create a custom library for the next revision of this board so I will look to add 3D for this next rev.




Board back from OSHPark and assembled. Will start testing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

So far, so good. Couple nits: not crazy about my choice of on/off switch but did not see a better surface mount option. May go back to the three hold EGL1215. Also, the crystal for the Real Time Clock seems huge to me.



I have just laid out a similar Carrier PCB using a lot of the same IC functional blocks - I looked for alternates to that crystal but that was about the same one I could find.

This looks it really came out well! - Great Job!



Was is you who assembled the board? Thanks



Yes, ugly hand soldered but was faster and way cheaper than getting MacroFab to do it. I want to do a higher volume run this next time so need to test it completely.



From a cost viewpoint if this was going to scale you would want to have 1 side SMT if possible and as many SMT components as feasible. For Rev 1 - Credit for the hand soldering of those tiny components!