Boron showing [system] ERROR: Failed to load session data from persistent storage

I have some devices running at a customer site with borons and papertrail to see log messages. I often see blocks like this:


What do these errors mean?

Until now, I just ignored them. But today I had a device on my test bench showing a problem similar to something the customer reported and I assume a connection:

The Boron was blinking cyan, which means internet, but no particle cloud. Waiting a long time (~15min), this did not change. After a reboot, the connection could be established normally. The error message was again [system] ERROR: Failed to load session data from persistent storage.

But additional to the connection problem, the main loop was not working anymore. It should send some data over uart in intervalls, this stopped. I use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);, so the main loop should run even with connection problems. I do not use any particle cloud functions or publish.
I am using a third party sim, I had no problems with this provider on Electrons. This is our first Boron project.

Can anyone help me with these error messages? Thank you in advance!

ERROR: Failed to load session data from persistent storage.

That is not really an error. I'm not sure why it's set at error level, actually. There are many reasons a Gen 3 device won't be able to retrieve its session information from persistent storage, and if that happens it will just renegotiate.

ERROR: Failed to determine server address

Now that actually is an error. It means that the device can't determine the cloud server address. Either there's a DNS problem, or there's a problem with the server address setting.

You could try a particle key server in DFU mode (blinking yellow) to reset it.

Or you can get Boron cloud debug log which will show in much greater detail what actually is failing:

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Thank you for the hints. I think there should be no problem with the server address as the connection is always established after a boot from power off and the errors only come after the device is running for some minutes.

At the moment I am not sure about the relation of my application to the problem, although I am not using any Particle cloud features, it’s just there for OTA updates. I will investigate this, use your clouddebug tool and come back with more information about the problem.