Boron Schematic Discrepancies

In the following screeshot of the Boron schematic in the microcontroller circuit, I don't know if the cap symbol in the green box is a cap or an inductor (the symbol is a cap but the size is 3.9nH). Is it supposed to be nano Farads? In the red box the symbol is a cap but it says "or jumper." Is it supposed to be a cap or a jumper?

Also, what is the resistor value of resistor R20 below in the u-blox circuit?

Thank you!

C71 is a 0Ω 0201 resistor (jumper). The value label is actually zero-R jumper, not "OR JUMPER"
It appears that C74 is populated as an inductor. 3.9nH ±0.1nH 350mA

Thank you for the prompt, helpful reply! Also, is the resistor symbol R20 in the second picture a ferrite bead?

Yes, R20 is a ferrite bead:


Thank you very much!