Boron refused network connection

I'm moving from Electrons to Borons but the Boron I'm prototyping stops connecting to the cell network after a few connects or a few days. Using a BRN404X which has an EitherSIM and in urban area with both T-Mobil and ATT service. The Boron does connect to both T-Mobile and to ATT but after a while stops connecting to either service. My Boron is programed to wake once an hour, connect to the network, upload data and sleep for the next hour.
At what seems like random intervals it stops connecting to the cell service and never connects after that.
I finally got it to reconnect by running Device Doctor. Initially I got code CEREG = 2,3 (rejected by tower). After restarting and running Device Doctor for about 5 min I got code CEREG = 2,5 (successful connection) and it connected to ATT. Now, after a day of connections, it is not connecting again.
The Boron is registered, active etc. Particle console reports 38% signal strength and 50% signal quality (when the Boron has previously connected). This is an urban site with good cell phone reception so I'm unsure why the Boron is have difficulties. I've never had this kind of behavior before when using Electrons. Any suggestions appreciated.

Could you please DM me the DeviceID?

will do.

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