Boron PSM Cat M1 mode for quick re-connections

Hello everyone,

After a search on the docs I could not find info about the PSM (power saving mode) implementation for the cat M1 network. This would allow the boron to reconnect in a couple seconds vs 30-ish and save a ton of power. Will this be implemented or is it incompatible with the Sara-410M modem?
Cf an extract from Nimbelink doc below about psm.


  • PSM (Power Saving Mode) – Traditional cellular modems often remain connected to the network and use significant amounts of power, despite being active, idle, or even in sleep mode. If disconnected from the network to save power, reconnection requires reboot and network search, which can take from 15 to 30 seconds in most cases. PSM lets the modem go into extreme low-power mode when not actively accessing the network, using minimum power and returning to full active state without requiring reboot or search.

PSM and eDRX are currently disabled in software. In the past, turning them on caused difficulties with the SARA-R410M-02B, but finding out why and possible workarounds is on the list as a future enhancement, since it would be helpful for low-power applications.