Boron Native Values/Attributes

Not sure how to really ask this but without adding any additional hardware what values/attributes can the Boron natively provide? Here is the list I have been able to compile thus far:

  • Power source
  • Cellular signal quality
  • Cellular signal strength
  • Other cellular values
  • Internal temp on the Nordic chip
  • List of bluetooth devices in proximity (haven't tried this yet, is this even possible? Does it need the antenna connected?)

Anyone else is pulling other attributes natively?

That list seems right. You can BLE scan for nearby devices that are advertising.

On devices with the R410 or R510 cellular LTE Cat M1 cellular modem you can only get information about the cell you are connected to. Some 2G/3G devices can find information about neighboring cells.

The cellular network info includes the MCC and MNC, which identify the operator you connected to. That database is small enough for it on-device. You also have tower information, which sometimes can be used to identify your approximate coordinates, but that requires a cloud-based geolocation service.


How can I pull this information? Ideally I'm looking to create a function to pull this information on-demand.

While it's possible to get it from AT commands using Cellular.command(), the best way is to use the cellular global identity call:

    CellularGlobalIdentity cgi = {0};
    cgi.size = sizeof(CellularGlobalIdentity);
    cgi.version = CGI_VERSION_LATEST;

    cellular_result_t res = cellular_global_identity(&cgi, NULL);
    if (res == SYSTEM_ERROR_NONE) {
       // jw.insertKeyValue("mcc", cgi.mobile_country_code);
       // jw.insertKeyValue("mnc", cgi.mobile_network_code);
       // jw.insertKeyValue("lac", cgi.location_area_code);
       // jw.insertKeyValue("ci", cgi.cell_id);

This call should be fast and does not use data or data operations. It gets the value that is cached by the system and used by device vitals.

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Perfect. Thank you!