Making Cell Network and Registration data available to user code

While debugging, I have noticed that the firmware queries the Modem regularly about the selected cell and the network provider with the AT+CREG? and AT+COPS? Commands
Would it be possible to make the results of these commands available to the code?
That would allow cell nonitoring applications and other useful things.
I know, I could query those myself with the Cellular.command() but I would rather leave the calls to the modem to the firmware. Especially when they are checked at regular intervals already.


The (electron) firmware release from 1.2.1 on report

via the diagnostics updates.

would it be possible to make these available on the device via the CellularSignal Class?

You can get the data (other than the operator) using the CellularGlobalIdentity call. Here’s an example of how you make the call:

The operator name is not available because that’s determined cloud-side based on the MCC/MNC. There is a modem command to get the current operator name, but it only works on 2G and 3G devices. The LTE modem (SARA-R410M-02-B) does not have that command and can only get the MCC/MNC.