Boron LTE w/ Solar- Trials


Does the Xenon though? I don’t think it does.


Nope, it does not have the same PMIC but does have a different charging buck regulator.

Look up the data sheet for this charging chip on the Xenon to see what the max input voltage is and if it’s higher than the max voltage output on your solar panel.


See Post #51
I use the Micro USB connector on the Boron for the Solar Panel Input. The Voltaic Panel ships with the correct Micro USB adapter.
I change the other cheap Panels over to Micro USB myself.
But doing this is the same as using the VUSB and GND Pins.

My reasoning was: Having the Solar Panel occupy the Boron’s Micro USB connector minimizes the chance that I would accidentally plug-in the Boron to (2) charging sources (Solar + Computer) at the same time in the future.


As @RWB said, the Xenon is a different animal.
You will need to ensure that the Solar Panel output stays below 6.2V for the Xenon due to it’s XC9258 regulator.