Boron LTE Servo Library Doesn't Work/Works Irratically

I have a Boron LTE that has been working smoothly so far. Last night I attempted to use the built in servo library to run my DS3218mg servo to no avail.

*The Servo is running on external power source (non-vusb) while Boron is plugged into usb power
*Servo is working (tested via servo tester and an ESP32)
*I’ve used pins D2,D4,A0
*I’ve tried servo.write() and servo.writeMicroseconds()
*I’ve tried other servos

Sometimes depending on what I’ve tried I get this very faint ticking every ~300ms, but no servo movement.

Any ideas? Has anyone else gotten servos working on the Boron LTE?

Welcome to the community.

It is always easier if you post some example code that shows the problem - that way we can get to a solution quickly and others can learn from the process.

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