Boron LTE question about reconnecting after connection failure

While using only Cellular.connect() and not Particle.connect() with SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL)…

Does Boron OS actively try to reconnect if Cellular.connected() becomes false after Cellular.connect() command connects to network?

Or does user firmware need to reconnect?
Or does NPC try to reconnect on it’s own?


I’m currently becoming disillusioned with the Particle Boron products I invested in because of inexplicable failures to reconnect to cloud after cell signal restored. The Particle engineers need to answer this thread and more generally focus on LTE reconnection behavior.

@Paul_M I am having connection issues where the modem goes off to sleep for no reason. The Ublox firmware on the Boron LTE is 2 behind the latest release. According to the Telco engineers I have been speaking to, the new firmware should solve my issue and many others. There is a full list of bug fixes on the firmware release doc. I’m just waiting now for it to be included in the next OS. Fingers crossed.

Hi all - sharing this post from another thread. Short story is the Particle team is aware of this issue and are working to diagnose and resolve. Apologies for the frustration and thank you for the patience.


To the specific technical question, regardless of SYSTEM_MODE, once Cellular.connect() or Particle.connect() are called then Device-OS should automatically restore connection on any disconnect/failure. Failure to reconnect in a timely fashion would generally be an issue in the Particle stack and something we need to resolve. The only time a reconnect should reasonably fail are for external factors like signal loss, SIM data limits or deactivation, etc.

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Thank you @joel from Particle.

That is the information I wanted to know.
I am looking forward to using Boron LTE in an Enterprise situation.