Boron LTE or Electron 3G

they too can’t give me specific about NB-IoT and CAT-M1. I don’t think they understood what I was talking about.

So do we not understand you.

  • Who is they?
  • Why are you quoting someone else’s post and just repeat the same sentence again???

@ScruffR, I believe the “they” they are referring to is Bell and Telus in Canada. It seems that neither of their customer support is versed in LTE CAT-M1 and NBIoT. As such, they are unable to answer any questions in this regard. As usual, the country that was at the centre of creating cellular technology is also the country to be behind all others on deploying new technology. Thus is the benefit of having a triopoly in our cellular market.

Interesting…I don’t live in Kamloops, but I’m pretty closeby and had an LTE Boron delivered a couple of days ago so I’ll see if I can connect it.

Like it Vitesze. Can’t wait for your results.