Boron - how to make it connect to NB1 and not M1

The boron connects to the network using M1. How can i make it connect via NB1 (the network and subscription i am using supports it)?

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Does the SIM support only NB1 or both?

If it only supports NB1, simply use it like a normal third party SIM.

I’m more curious why you refer NB1 over Cat-M1.

It supports both. So where can i configure the preference?

NB1 is much more suited for small data low frequency sensor applications, as energy consumption is lower and also coverage indoors is better. NB1 is a MUST.

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True and false at the same time. You might end up spending more time connecting to the cell tower using NB1, which equals out in terms of power consumption.

Anyways, are you able to compile firmware locally? There is an AT command to set a preferred RAT technology.

However, using a NB1 only SIM will give you more confidence that tests are indeed done over NB1.

i work for the swisscom IoT team and we offer both types in one and the same subscription (or SIM as you refer too). Therefore I want to get it working with both RAT.

Can you point me to the information on how I can send these AT commands from within my boron device to the ublox modem please. If I need to compile locally I will manage to do so.

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@marcschaer, the API for sending AT commands is still being developed and isn’t exposed yet. It is on Particle’s list of HIGH priority items to release in the next or very near version of the DeviceOS.

hmm. So i hope this is really soon. Actually this makes particle not useful for our purpose right now. I need a device for our PoCs that can demonstrate both with our prod subscriptions. Is there a way i can get early access to the AT command implementation?

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@marcschaer, if you build a monolithic image with the local toolchain, you could look at this PR to do some testing. It is NOT an official Particle PR.

It is though, however the feature is still in development, hence the in progress tag.

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Hello Marc !

I actually contacted Swisscom earlier today because I don’t manage to connect my Boron LTE to the network. I’m a private client using my multi-device subscription… I managed to connect a Boron 2G/3G on the Swisscom network, but I don’t manage with the LTE version. No-one managed to help me on the support line. Could you help me with the steps to reproduce to get the LTE version on the Swisscom Network. I know Swisscom supports CAT-M1 but is the U-blox of the LTE Boron supported at all ?

By the way, what is the ideal keepAlive time on the Swisscom Network ?

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This is how I have managed my freq etc.

Cellular.command(10000, “AT+UBANDMASK=0,134217861,1,0\r\n”); // Set the below Band’s
// 134217861 is the bands in a decimal format converted from binary
// 000000000000000000000000000000000001000000000000000000010000101
// Band - 28 8 3 1
// Freq (MHz) - 700 900 1800 2100


If I wanted to only connect to NB1 then I would do something like

Cellular.command(10000, “AT+UBANDMASK=0,0,1,134217861\r\n”);

I think…