Boron does not sleep correctly after EEPROM is read in a library

This is a bit odd so bear with me…
During setup, my Boron code calls a function defined in a library (my library, not downloaded) that reads some EEPROM locations. After doing its main loop work for 15 seconds, I put it to ultra-low-power sleep with RTC wake up only, for 2 minutes. But, in this scenario, when it tries to sleep, the red light starts flashing, and it wakes up after less than a minute, and goes straight to the setup again as if it had been hard reset.

If I move the EEPROM reads into the main setup code, not in the library, then the issue disappears. I’d like to keep them in the library.

Thanks for any ideas.

Can you show your code (including library)?

e.g. via the SHARE THIS REVISION feature of Web IDE

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