Boron Board (B402) recommended Battery

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I am using the B402 particle along with the Evaluation board. I am encountering some issues with the battery. Whenever I shut off power to my board, within 10 seconds the particle loses LT connection. I am assuming it is because the battery does not provide enough current.

This is the battery I am currently using:
DC 3.7V 2100mAh 103450 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer:

I was wondering if there was a recommended battery we should use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@twahidi ,

I use this one and have had very good luck with it - outdoors and over years of deployment.

It seems to be cheaper too.

That said, the battery you are using looks like it should work. You may want to explore other ways to troubleshoot such as using a bench top power supply (set to 4V) as a substitute for your battery to make sure that is the problem.



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There is a guide to batteries in the documentation.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

To calirify, this is the battery we are currently using

Just out of curiosity, have you powered up the board exclusively via the battery and if so, how long were you able to have LT connectivity.

Thanks again

See this is the one I used. It should be similar.

My issue is how quickly it loses LT connectivity. So if this battery is the ‘correct’ one, then it seems like the issue is with our board. We have a custom board that incorporates the B402 eval board.

Thank you

@rickkas7 ,

I was not aware of this guide - an excellent resource.


Be aware that the Evaluation kit will greatly elevate your power draw - the Ethernet chip never shuts off, and pulls around 70mA if I remember correctly. It’s best to test inside your final design.
B Series B404X datasheet | Reference | Particle should give you a good idea what the device will draw - this does not include the power used by your VDD and 3V3 regulators, and is only the consumption of the SOM.

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Our board works as expected when powered up by 5V via our power supply. My main concern is the ability to communicate with the particle when the power supply is off. In that state the battery will be ‘powering’ the particle until the power supply is turned back on.
For us, after turning off the power supply (5V) the battery can only maintain LT connectivity for 10 seconds, after which the particle is unable to communicate. I am curious if this is to be expected (the concept of the battery not being able to provide sufficient current). Because if this issue is not normal or expected, than our issue is related to our schematic (we have used the eval schematic but with a few changes due to IC availability). And yes, the BQ24298 fuel gauge we are using does charge the battery.

Many thanks

You should be getting at least 24 hours of operation with continuous LTE connectivity and occasional publishing without using sleep modes with an 1800 mAh battery.

Found the issue. We are using the BQ24298 instead of BQ24195 and the 24298 has a watchdog set high by default, which was causing a reset after 10 seconds.

Thanks your help.

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