Bootloader-mbr question

I am needing to upgrade to 5.3.2 or later in order to implement:

I notice that manually downloading the Device OS includes

However, in the P2 Datasheet memory map section it says:
p2-prebootloader-mbr This file is factory configured and must never be overwritten

Should I only be flashing:

Or is the ...mbr@5.4.0.bin necessary to make everything in the device OS consistent?

Thank you

Never flash p2-bootloader-mbr or anything to address 0 (when using SWD). Doing so will permanently render the device unbootable.

And under most circumstances you don't need to manually flash the system parts or bootloader. Just have your firmware target Device OS 5.4.0 in the Web IDE or Particle Workbench and flash it to your device. The other parts will upgrade automatically over-the-air.

Thank you Rick. I had not noticed Particle: Flash application and device O/S (local). That is indeed easy.

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