BME280 FeatherWing with Grove

FeatherWing with a BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor. And Grove connectors.

This is a simple board that includes a BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor, connected by I2C (pins D0 and D1). Since the chip is really tiny, it also includes Grove connectors so you can attach other analog, digital, or I2C sensors with a 4-pin Grove cable.

What You Need

This is a somewhat advanced project mainly because the BME280 is tiny and has pads on the bottom of the module, making it impossible to solder by hand. You’ll need a SMD reflow oven to do it effectively.

  • Circuit boards (I order them from OshPark)
  • Stencil (this board can be assembled without one, but I order them from OshStencils)
  • Solder paste
  • Reflow oven (the inexpensive T962 works fine)
  • Soldering iron (for the header pins and Grove connectors)
  • Regular solder


Quantity Item Example
1 0.1µF capacitor 0603 Murata GRM188R71C104KA01D
2 10KΩ resistor 0603 Panasonic ERJ-PA3J103V
1 BME280 BME280
4 Grove Connectors Grove connector
Male header pins 0.1" Sullins PRPC040SAAN-RC


In order to use the BME280 sensor, you can use the Adafruit_BME280_RK library. Follow the i2c_bme280 example as this board uses the BME280 in I2C mode.

Project Location

Updates to the content here and the Eagle CAD files are located here: