Blue Flashing on Reset


Sometimes on applying power to an electron the device goes into listening mode. If we cycle the power again or press the reset button the electron will continue with the normal sequence.

As I understand the device goes into listening mode when:

  1. Initiated by the user - Not the case here
  2. No sim card - Not the case here
  3. Sim card loose - Don’t think this is the case as it reconnects without any movement of the sim card. Also we are seeing this across multiple devices
  4. Sim damaged - not the case as the sim works thereafter

One of the suggestions is a cold boot. This requires someone to be present

Is there any way to get the Electron to enter into the startup cycle again after a certain period. At present if this happens to any of our devices we have to go physically into the field and press the button/ cycle the power.

You can use SYSTEM_THREAD() enabled to keep your code running while in Listening Mode. That way your firmware can “supervise” the state of the device and act apropriatly.

You can also try adding a STARTUP() macro that sets a timeout for Listening Mode (Cellular.setListenTimeout()).

Thanks for your help. This should do the trick