BLE requesting further scan response

Could someone from Particle please confirm how the additional request to the peripheral should be performed to get the scanResponse data?

The following fields are provided:

class BleScanResult {
    BleAddress address;
    BleAdvertisingData advertisingData;
    BleAdvertisingData scanResponse;
    int8_t rssi;
  • address The BLE address of the peripheral. You use this if you want to connect to it. See BleAddress .
  • advertisingData The advertising data provided by the peripheral. It’s small (up to 31 bytes).
  • scanResponse The scan response data. This is an optional extra 31 bytes of data that can be provided by the peripheral. It requires an additional request to the peripheral, but is less overhead than connecting.
  • rssi The signal strength, which is a negative number of dBm. Numbers closer to 0 are a stronger signal.