BLE Pairing and Bonding

I see there have been 2 posts about BLE Pairing and Bonding (where the keys are remembered from the initial Pairing such that on reconnection the pairing process does not need to be repeated to create a secure connection). The last post was closed without any reply. [BLE] Keep paired devices in memory and there was no way to reopen it. Simple question - does bonding now work with P2 and Device OS 5.7.0?
[Update] When the following log is received 000505314 [app] INFO: onPairingEvent STATUS_UPDATED status=0 LESC T bonded F I assume this is demonstrating that Pairing using LESC has succeeded but the devices are not Bonded. Should this be logged as a fault with this Device OS?

Hi Will-

Thanks for bringing this up! We do support pairing but don't support persistent bonding.

@Colleen Thank you for the confirmation that this feature is not yet supported. This is disappointing on 2 levels; 1. The Device OS reference intimates that it is supported and 2. From a security viewpoint when building a product using BLE services!

Could you please indicate whether bonding will be implemented in a future Device OS release?