BLE central unit

Hi all,
I will be happy to get your help as I have no idea how to continue from here.
I am using b5som and 5.1 os.
I try to get a BLE central behavior on my b5som board, scan advertisements and connect to a specific peripheral.
I have created a BLE peripheral based on nrf52480 with a BLE uart interface (I succeeded to detect and connect from a mobile app to the peripheral) .
But I didn’t succeed to do so from my b5som central unit uart example.
I succeeded to hear the advertisement and the name of the peripheral device but I didn’t see any of its services (I expected to see the rx/tx services at least)
This is my code:

size_t count = BLE.scan(scanResults, SCAN_RESULT_COUNT);
for (uint8_t ii = 0; ii < count; ii++)
      BleUuid foundServiceUuid[10];
      size_t svcCount = scanResults[ii].advertisingData().serviceUUID(foundServiceUuid, 10);

svcCount is zero regarding this device (I can see others devices with services).
I am attaching a snapshot from my mobile app of the client with the services I can’t see in Particle unit.
Any ideas what I miss?
As I can see the services from the mobile app (Bluefruit) my assumption is that the problem is on my central unit and not on the peripheral side.

Thanks for your help,

I don’t see anything obviously wrong, so what I’d do is print out the list of addresses and see if you can see the device at all, or it’s something about how the services are advertised.

Thank you,
I can see the device, I don’t see its services.
That is exactly the problem ,why I see them in the mobile app but not in the B5SOM.