BLE Body temperature thermometer example not working

I’m running a new Boron with Device OS v1.1.1.

I copied and pasted the Particle BLE Body temperature thermometer example into Workbench and compiled & flashed it unmodified.

When I run the Nordic nRF Toolbox app for iOS, it finds the Boron under Health Thermometer Monitor, but doesn’t display any data.

I also ran the BlueSee iOS app to see if I got anything different but I got the same result. That did give a hint at the issue though, on the results page is the message “No characteristics were found for this service”.

Additionally, an undefined service is found along with Health Thermometer. There seem to be characteristics associated with it, but I don’t know what they are.

Any way I can debug why the expected characteristics aren’t showing up in the BLE mobile apps?

Are you sure about that?
According to the docs:

BLE support is in beta test in Device OS 1.3.0. It is not available in earlier Device OS versions.

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Wow, you’re right…

I'm running 1.3.0 RC1

I had issues with a nRF app on iOS where it would not update data the Gen3 device was broadcasting. It would see the first broadcast but no more and scanning was set to continous.

I was able to get the Android version to work so if you can try Android and see if you have issues there also.