Between Spark Cores Communication - Full Home Automation


I am thinking to automate all my home with Spark Core because has Wifi and is allow remote programming (that is very good because after i install the cores on diferents places, i don’t need to remove then just for programming). So i need to install 48 Spark Cores and i need to install 4 Wifi Cisco Acess points.
And i will install a Local server ( to control and visualize all variables from each Spark Core.
Types of controls:

  • Lights
  • Shutters
  • Temperatures
  • States
  • Control Pumps

Internet: I have almost every days, between 5mins still 1 hour a continuous fail of internet connection.
But i have three critical questions:

  • As i don’t have a good internet, each Spark Core can send orders/states to anothers Spark Cores when i don’t have a conection with Internet or Spark Cloud? If yes, how i can declare that kind of variables?
  • Is possible to send HTTP variable to my local server, without a connection with Spark Cloud?
  • I am from Portugal, is possible to buy Spark Cores from some shop/distribuitor located on Europe? I don’t want pay taxs of import (in Portugal the tax is very high).

My best regards!

The core needs to be able to reach the Spark :cloud: in order to pass variable. Unless you setup some sort of local server of each core is running a TCP server or something…

You can use the TCP and UDP function to do so if you have knowledge on that.

Otherwise, the local :cloud: source code is available for you to run your own spark-server. :wink:

@Steph might be able to take this question.

@jlamfaria, the local cloud essentially replaces the Spark cloud so the Internet connect will not be absolutely required. :smile:

You could use RF tranceivers for that. There are several options available, including the 315Hz, 433Hz, and nRF24L01+

@peekay123 , your local cloud you talk is like that: ?
Where i can find information how to install a Spark local cloud?
The Spark local cloud can show a final user interface or HMI to show all states and values?

Sorry by my insistence :smile:

@jlamfaria, the formal name is Spark Server but everyone calls it the local cloud. Files and installation information is available here:

A lot of members are running the server on an RPi with nodeJS installed. :smile:

The Spark Server (otherwise known as ‘Local Cloud’) is basically a copy of what’s running at Spark. It provides the same functionalities in the sense of server infrastructure; handling the REST API and everything else that’s needed to make the Core work as it does.
As far as a graphical user interface goes, it, unfortunately, doesn’t supply that (yet?). I’m guessing you’re looking for something which shows you the values of several variables/SSE, as well as gives you control over the functions. One of our community members @kareem613 made something like that, called “atomiot”, which can be found here:

It’s also worthwhile checking out the tutorial section of the forum, since there are some nice examples to be found on how to create several of the functions you’d probably like to have.


Hi and welcome! Unfortunately we don’t have a distributor shipping through Europe at this point. We’re slowly rolling out international distributors and are working on finding the right partners to make sure we can keep prices down for our international customers.

@jlamfaria, may be I am wrong, I suppose you want to do some command and control of the devices through Internet. Then you should have some server software to connect to the Spark Cloud. I don’t know about Mango Automation software you mentioned. Does it provide any way to call custom APIs (Spark API)?

What I understood is that your Local Spark :cloud: will act as a hub and from this Mango Software (or something else) you will call this hub. In that case you have to host somewhere or you should have public IP for your hub server.

Well, i am a KNX, X10, BACnet and LonWorks integrator at 7 years so i know very well when we don’t have communication/control in a instalation cause very serious problems (like as light don’t turn off/on).
So that is my idea try to integrate all Spark core on Local network and need works without internet. So with a Spark cloud local solves the problem (i hope).
@krvarma, to try to connect each spark core variable with Mango Automation i will use HTTP commands, and just i want to acess over internet only the Mango Automation. For a security reason all Spark Core are not dependent of Internet.
So each control or state of my home will be controled under Spark Core, as we call on professional bussiness i want to create a Building Management System.

But i am receptive a new ideias of control. Anyone can provide me some ideia of kind of control all Spark Core or my entire Home? :smile:

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