Better iPhone app


Im busy building a iPhone app that will allow you to control your Photon/Electron with the app.
You will be able to setup actions that are linked to specific pins on the photon/electron and you will be able to setup groups that control a bunch of actions.
You will also be able automatically trigger these actions based on some conditions, like when the sun sets, when you enter a specific location ect.

Would you guys be interested in such an app? And what features whould you want?


I think it would be nice for the app to have options to display and call cloud functions enabled on devices, and to be able to monitor cloud variables.

Thanks for the idea, I will definitely add this feature. You will then also be able to automatically trigger these cloud functions based on conditions you specify

Any updates on how your app is coming along?


I know that @ido has an app update planned that include a “Device Inspector” that would provide access to functions and variables on the device, even when it is not running Tinker. I know that was one of the requested features here, so glad to tell you that the feature is in development.

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