Best way to Sending data to a 3rd party


I’m looking to see what is the best way to capture webhook events and display them on a 3rd party site. For example, I would like to take a temperature reading from my Photon and then display it on a graph on a dashboard.

In my firmware I call Particle.publish("temperature", temp) to publish the data to the Particle cloud. Then a webhook POSTs to Every 5 seconds a panel on GETs the most recent POST to

I think that there is a more elegant solution out there, but I’m coming up blank with a better way to implement this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Perhaps some sort of dashboard service that can listen for webhooks directly? I think this would be good because then you would immediately get up to date information and you know that every data point on your graph is the result of a new up to date reading, rather than every 5 seconds.