Best way for us to support Visual Micro?

I keep hearing good things about Visual Micro, and it looks like it’d be really awesome if Spark were easy to develop against using that tool as well ( ). Anybody here that uses that tool, or is more familiar with the project? What would be a good way for us / what could we do to help support that project?



I like the idea. Never heard of this project but Visual Studio plus Spark would be amazing.

But to be honest, I still need to review the Atom based development kit you guys released.

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This sounds interesting and I would like to see Spark added to the list of supported boards :+1:

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Is there any updates on this?

Visual Micro seems like a really nice project, and makes it very easy for users to add support for a increasingly wide range of boards to Visual Studio. Or is there any other way to develop with Visual Studio, with intellisense?
I have seen Anurag’s, but vMicro support would be a way more complete solution.

I’m not really familiar with how to add Board Manager support to vMicro, and thereby also support for the Arduino IDE. The package needs the core files, I find it hard to distinguish the core files in the Firmware section on github. But once supported, it’s easy as adding the url for a .json package.
RedBear has added support for their RedBear Duo ( ARM Cortex-M3 MCU + BCM43438) ->

But your way of building and library management, is really different from the Arduino way of doing so, so it’s properly not really straight forward. Maybe it’s also the reason why it haven’t been done yet?

Arh found this: 3rd party Hardware-specification


Checking in here… It appears there is still no support for the Photon in the Visual Micro VS plugin. Am I missing something? There’s a thread over in their forum too.

I’m also interested in this. I would be happy to donate to a kickstarter/whatever to get the relevant parties moving on this! :slight_smile: