Best test framework for large complex sketch

I need some guidance on how best to test my Wiring sketch. My sketch is 1190 lines and growing in size and complexity. It seems to run bug-free on my Cores but I want to test it more formally off my Cores.

I need to expand my existing test suite. The test suite needs to run the sketch code, feeding it “test” analog reading data (from a database store of real-world data), and monitoring the decisions it makes. Over time the test suite will grow quite large & be used for regression testing.

Currently, my embryonic test suite is developed in a Eclipse Java project. To use the test suite, every so often I port the Wiring sketch to Java and run the tests. This port is manual time-inefficient and opens the possibility of transcription errors.

I want a supportive test harness to help me efficiently expand my test suite. I want to be able to move the sketch code unchanged between the Core and the test harness. So either 1) I need a Wiring-based test harness or 2) I need to move away from Wiring and develop the Sketch in Java (or C++).

Does anyone know of a solid Wiring test harness or a Wiring test suite example? Preferably in Eclipse.
Alternatively, what do people think is the best development set-up for developing & testing complex large sketches? I’m happy to change development language.

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@mdma is the best person to talk to since he implemented Unit + integrations test for the spark firmware.

You can try out this library!

Hi @philipq,

Just in case you are still in need of something, I wrote about one way of system testing projects based in Particles here:

Verify your projects behave as intended with a telecom grade test tool

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