Battery shield overkill?

Just got a Lo po battery for my battery shield and may have gone a little overboard with the size of the battery a 6ah single cell lo po.
Left it on yesterday FULLY POWERED for 24 hour with a BME280 sensor , Connecting to my Linux box and sending my voltage , State of charge , Temperature , Pressure , Humidity every minute and that it will last for days without putting it to sleep.
It`s back on battery from 00:00 GMT .
Here is my Thingspeak channel to that data .


That’s the first time I have checked out Thingspeak. Take a look at Ubidots also, its free and has some really nice widgets.

I’m logging Temp & Humidity every 5 mins with a 1200mAh LiPo battery. I put the Photon to deep sleep for 5 mins, then wake to take temp and humidity, send it to MongoDB, and then put the Photon back into Deep Sleep for another 5 mins.

I figured up the battery run time on a 1200mAh battery to be 45 days which I thought was pretty good.

That’s 3 Months if I only log temp every 10 mins instead of 5. 6 Months if I only log temp every 15 mins.

Your 6Ah cell will last ya plenty of time if you put the sleep modes to good use.

I`ll give that a test and see what 5 minute graphs look like without any averaging .
Looking for a low power i2c counter or how to count pulses from wind speed / rain gauge sensors if the proton is going to be off-line most of the time.
Well it least I know my battery saving code worked last night , which put my photon in deep sleep forever , forgot to move it from less than 4.1 volts , ooops

5 min graphing should be just as good as anything quicker than that considering temp does not change that fast. Even 10-30 min intervals should be perfectly fine.

You could read wind speed when it wakes up a and then code it so if the wind speed or rain fall readings are over a certain amount you could increase reading frequency to something more often than 5 - 10 mins. Then when the rain or wind is not heavy then you can drop the update intervals back to 5- 10 min intervals.

How are you going about measuring voltage? Just doing a Analog read on a pin and connecting that pin to the battery to read raw cell voltage?

If you have not tried the Blynk library you should. It will allow you to view all this data on your cell phone via Blynk’s really nice looking Iphone or Android app.

I’m using the battery shield chip for the voltage , yes I’ve tried blynk , don’t know what I did wrong , but I connected a button to btn to see what it did and it cleared the wifi , so had to set it up again when I pressed tne button .
Will look into adding wind speed and direction plus rain ,and light which should be a easy one.
Like most of my project they get built on and get more and more complex has it goes on.

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Have problems with my code freezing, so try to work out where my problem is.
Normally I use threading so I’ve tried added lots of Particle.process() anywhere there is a long blocking routine, just in case it’s a electrical problem I’ve used a big capacitor for smoothing, fitted extra resistor on the i2c .
So far 8 hours without a lockup a record.

But you are right about the 5 minute and still average it down to 30 minites with 5 minutes.

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