Battery Percent on New Battery

I guess if it sets alight then unplug it huh?

No, the batteries better have a Protection PCB on board to prevent short circuit.

Worst case is the wires get warm if the wires are only rated for 1 amp.

Just check the wires vs the battery wires that came with the Electron battery.

Just be careful with connecting these individual packs in parallel. A huge difference between the two during intial connection and usage can result in a fire.

I would recommend purchasing packs that are of higher capacity if required.

Iā€™m also not sure how the PMIC copes with multi-cell setups. I had the impression it was (only safely) supporting single cells.
You may need extra balancing circuitry otherwise.

@tylercpeacock, could you chime in on that specificly (Electron multi cell charging)?

The PMIC can handle multiple cells just fine but each battery should have a protection PCB on it just like the 2000mAh battery does to prevent Under, Over, and short circuit conditions.

Balancing is only need on multiple cell setups that are in series where the cells can become out of balance. Iā€™m 100% sure of this.

LiPo batteries can be dangerous so make sure you know what your doing or buy a pre made pack from professionals like . They sell LiPo cells with protection circuits installed.

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