B series m .2 e nvidia jetson compatibility

Hi guys.
I am just wondering if.

  1. there is linux aarch64 driver that will work on nvidia jetson that has ubuntu [ linux tegra]
  2. if the b404 will work instead of intel 8265 using m.2 E slot


This is not possible. While the M.2 socket is sort of the same, the pinouts are completely different. Also the B Series SoM is much longer and wider than the 8265.

The B Series SoM is intended to be a standalone IoT MCU, not a networking card for another board or laptop.

yes, but how could we use e.g this?

Due to mentioned limitations we got b404 Som +Boron
However, there are few questions:
Q1. How do we get the boron to access aarch 64 unit filesystem?
Q2. How do we get the particle boron+b404 to connect the aarch 64 linux unit[jetson] to the cloud?
Q3 what are the choices / use cases for boron + b404 with nvidia jetson?

Both the Boron and B Series SoM are standalone IoT devices that are designed only to connect themselves to the Particle cloud over cellular.

While you in theory could program them for other tasks, they are not intended to provide cellular access to other devices, such as Linux computers. They are neither routers nor general-purpose cellular gateways, and the slow data rate intended for IoT applications and the relatively small data allowance per month makes them poorly suited for cellular gateway applications.

Thank you for your response.
However, while our application is not to “provide cellular access to other devices, such as Linux computers”,
Could you extend on available use scenario with combination with nvidia Jetson IoT Edge device, please? How would we wire/ setup the communication betwen nvidia Jetson developers board and Boron+B404 Som? Can we use wifi to connect them? can GPIO be wired / UART? USB etc? can the filesystem of the Jetson be accessed from particle? can the particle send to the cloud the reference output from Jetson or file from Jetson filesystem to the cloud ?
Can openssh terminal support be implemented in Boron so it can communicate with Jetson over ssh/terminal?

There is no scenario where a Particle device can provide cellular connectivity to another device as-is.

It can connect to another board by hardware serial UART or USB serial emulation (CDC mode). You’d need to write software on both boards and design a protocol for communication and how you want to upload the information.

The Boron cannot do SSH, the software is far too large to fit on the Boron. The Boron does not have Wi-Fi so it can’t use that as a transport protocol, anyway.

Thank you for your response.
However, while there is " no scenario where a Particle device can provide cellular connectivity to another device as-is."
The Boron could be used to connect IoT edge devices like Jetson to the cloud, right?
E.g we would just want a simple output from GPIO connected sensor [ e.g. temperature or humudity DHT11] to get delivered to the cloud, given the e.g. DHT11/DHT22 is wired to Jetson board, but we also have the Boron +b404 SoM, so that the Boron will deliver the output from the sensor connected to Jetson to the cloud somehow?
Is there a supported “as is” scenario for such use?

The Boron is designed for the sensor to be connected directly to the Boron.

It’s not impossible to connect another controller to it, but it’s not a feature that it’s intended for, and thus you’d have to write a significant amount of software on both devices to make it work. The two controllers typically would communicate over UART serial, SPI, I2C, etc. and you’d have to write the software and protocol to communicate the data between the two devices and upload it.

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