Automatic sliding door monitoring

I am thinking of using the core to monitor the open and closure of automatic sliding doors. A friend is an installer and apparently they do not know when to do preventative maintenance because they are unable to accurately monitor the cycles. My initial thought is to install the core on the door, use some sort of kinetic transducer to charge battery and use it to monitor as well. Any thoughts?

From the crazy Canadian

One other way would be to fix the Core on the wall and use it to detect opening and closing of the door by installing a magnet on the door edge and a hall-effect sensor on the wall. The hall-effect sensor would feed to the Core. This way, the Core can be powered continuously by an external power supply.

I like the idea of harvesting energy to power the Core, but that might make things a little complicated.


Thank you Mohit!

I will get a few cores to test the concept


Maybe a flex sensor is an option too? That way you don’t have to attach anything on the door itself. More expensive though… And I don’t know how durable those flex sensors really are.

Thanks Joris!
I just had a look at the flex sensor…cool stuff! The solution needs to be rugged and reliable longterm where its purpose is to measure the number of cycles i.e 100000+. The Hall Effect seems like a cool approach. I just found one from Melexis for about $0.75
I appreciate the input!!