Automate new customer entries

I know I can export customer email & device ID from the console manually. But is there a way to do this automatically? I.e., I’d like to point to a text file (or so) which gets updated each time a new email-device connection is made. Eventually these connections need to go into our CRM but I’ll be fine with an automatically updated text file which I can easily consume with a little Python.

I could build a scraper with beautiful soup or other tools but want to stay away from rolling all the glue myself unless I have to…


Let me ping someone that might know the answer. @tylercpeacock do you know this answer?


Hey there! I’d suggest checking out our reference documentation here which will show you our Cloud API for dealing with customer information. This should get you started so you can automate your list!


Oh nice, missed that completely, thanks.

Thanks for the help @tylercpeacock!