Authenticating Electron TCPClient

I’m trying to get my Electron to send data to the Easy-IoT cloud using REST. I’m using this example made for ESP8266 to get the syntax for the REST messages.

What would be the way to authenticate the connection for the Electron ?

For the ESP8266 the way to authenticate is the following function: WiFi.begin(AP_SSID, AP_PASSWORD);

The TCPClient object for the Electron does not offer a similar function like being used for the ESP8266.

That example doesn’t really authenticate the connection to Easy IoT. It authenticates the connection to the local Wi-Fi, but that’s it.

Since you already did the setup of authenticating and activating your Electron and SIM when you set it up, you don’t need that step with the Electron and you can just ignore the code in wifiConnect(). The rest looks like a pretty straightforward translation to TCPClient.