Attempting to compile code, gets stuck

I am attempting to compiled and push down new code (ID: 52d953f1b9aafc31fd000844), but the IDE freezes on the compilation step. It moves from compiling code… to “The request seems to take longer than usual. Please be patient…” to “Error: Core not found. Please check that it is online.” It never even gets to the attempting to upload to core step I see normally. Core is online (verified locally) and I am targeting the correct spark core. Any help much appreciated!

Hi @voodootikigod,

Checking the logs for that app / your core shows that the over the air flash is getting jammed up waiting for the core to acknowledge that it’s available for an update. I’m guessing maybe a previous firmware is preventing it from talking nicely to the server at the moment. If you do a factory reset, I think that’d probably fix it. Future firmware improvements (multi-threading, etc) should make this type of conflict a non-issue down the road.


Hi @Dave

I tried that, still buggered. Any help?


Are you sure you did a factory reset? Based on my search of the logs, I didn’t see your core do an auto-update from the factory version, but I could be wrong.

@Dave similar problems here

trying to upload code (id 52d95b93b9aafc31fd0008b1)
takes forever… says “compliling code…” for ever. does not even get further.

did countless factory resets. there are nights when it’s working and nights when nothing works at all. very frustrating!

Hi @kwyjib0,

Make sure you try a ‘verify’ before you do a flash, and make sure your core is online. Is that your core id, or is that your app id? What was the RGB led doing on your core when you were flashing?

Edit: I think the “compiling…” message from the web IDE is misleading, the compiling generally fails or succeeds in less than a second, most of the time spent waiting is the cloud trying to start an OTA update with your core.


@Dave yeah, true. “verify” did the trick… sorry, was a bit tired :wink:

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Cool, glad things are working! No worries :slight_smile: